Monday, November 23, 2009

it keeps growing...

Trey and I attended his stepsister's wedding over the weekend, and *someone* was most taken with the candy buffet - so now we just have to have an array of sugary goodness to hype our guests to the rafters. To be honest, I'd wanted one, but didn't think he would go for it - - perhaps there is something to letting the man think things are his idea? We've also discussed the idea of giving out guitar picks in addition to soundtrack cd's, and have added an after party to the whole thing for those we don't have room for during the dinner/ceremony/cake thing. We're both getting custom Converse, and he's kind of coming up with his own colors - which I think is completely cool.

We had a bit of an incident - my growing pile of fallen tree branches that were to become my silver twig trees? The ones that were perfectly dried out and ready to begin their transformative process? They're laying in the front yard. Candy Man (ha!) got mad at them and chucked them out there. It's been raining quite a lot, too, so the drying process has to start all over again. He's right, I do need to find a better place to store them - but so does he. There. I said it. I'm having a protracted, silent 'Zilla moment over this.

Friday, November 20, 2009

back to it...

Yep. I can plan again, and I don't have to whisper. Now if I could remember what I was going to write about...

Oh! My bouquet has arrived! And, yes, I will be sharing pictures of it after coming back in from a tremendously busy day, taking care of scanning a bunch of photos for Trey, and tweaking some descriptions on photos on Facebook and Flickr (these aren't wedding related). I might even share a picture of the pile of sticks in the foyer that will be transformed into twinkly magical twig trees, but you'd likely think I was just being a smart aleck and popping up pictures of kindling.

It's on my calendar to begin the flurry of printing all....this.....stuff next month, from invitations to movie stills to banner letters. That also means I have to make a run for crafting supplies. What do you want to bet our holiday decor is going to wind up being a bit like our wedding decor? (Actually, I have a feeling our holiday decor is going to be a tad minimal what with wedding prep and house redux.)

(I really need to start posting some pictures of all this....)

(But first, I really need to tie up the end of what's been a really busy week.)

Friday, November 13, 2009

(sneaking in again....yay!....)

(Our cake topper arrived yesterday. It's adorable, but it's also super secret, so this is basically me telling you that it's here and I can't show it to you. Wheeee!)

(I can stop sneaking on Monday.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm sneaking in (remember, I'm on "vacation") to jot down that we registered for Nerf guns last night, as well as a supply of extra "bullets".

And, yes, we would actually use them. Play is very important to Trey and me, and we believe in indulging this belief as often as possible.

(sneaking back out...)

Monday, November 9, 2009


I have been ordered to do nothing but relax this week. Trey is taking care of things. I am not to approach anything pertaining to the wedding, anything pertaining to redoing the house, anything that does not pertain to relaxation.

What the devil am I supposed to do?

Friday, November 6, 2009

oh. emm. gee...

Trey and I are getting married three months from today.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

have you ever...

Have you ever launched a project, gotten everything organized, tidied up your desk, perhaps even having gone so far as color-coding your to-do lists (ahem) - - and then managed to become so disorganized you wanted to scream? Trey and I are getting married three months from tomorrow, and I realized this morning that I've already reached that point - just three weeks into being engaged.

When all of this started, I was on it. I had a plan, things were scheduled. The PlannerPad and my iCal were totally in sync, my checklist from Offbeat Bride was up-to-date, and I'd purged my checklist at another, less-offbeat site so I could plug my Offbeat list into that space. And up until about an hour ago, I *thought* I'd been keeping up with all of these things.

Planning and keeping things organized are two totally different things! Duh! So I'm going back through all of this, checking things off, moving things around, plugging in new due dates on some things, and am rocking the Hello Kitty highlighters like crazy on things that a nas-tay cold and getting caught up in other aspects of the wedding chucked off into the land of whoops-I-forgot-that-one. (And some of the stuff I forgot is pretty astounding - - - like "book the officiant". Whoa, yeah.)

By lunch, I'll be back on top of this. I swear. Really.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In two days, we'll be three months out from the hitching. This has had a dual effect on me - I'm beyond excited, but I'm also in a total panic: We have to *overhaul*. We have to *overhaul* and then *decorate* -- and then *decorate some more* just for the wedding. Translation: We have to *work out butts off* and get to said working off fairly soon.

Trey hasn't thought it would take that long. Since we've both been sick, we haven't been able to dive in, but he's been of the opinion that we didn't need to rush. I'm the one who's been scrawling projects into my calendar and going into panic mode over it.

However, something in the calendar flipping to November seems to have struck Trey, too. Just after dinner last night, he walked into the kitchen, and in the most casual tone asked, "So you want to start finishing up the house next week? We could clear all the stuff out and move the furniture....and then get to painting. We really do need to get started."

Nesting fueled by social necessity - one really must love it, no?

Monday, November 2, 2009

super secret and super frustrations

Don't ask me about the cake topper. I won't tell you. I can't. That covers the super secret.

The super frustration? The gnomes, also known as contractors, have miraculously decided to start making (likely continuing unannounced) appearances again - just as Trey and I are about to spring into a very busy kickoff week towards getting this place into shape for the wedding. Now, the gnomes need to do what they going to do in order for this place to be ready, BUT - I'm stopping. I wrote about it in my personal blog. Bottom line, 'Zilla *will* surface, and she doesn't want you showing up at her house unannounced. It was not my decision for them to have a key, that's on my parents, and it was made clear that I need to know of their comings and goings. My turf, not theirs.

ADT will be more than glad to let me know of their comings, should they continue to do so in the fashion in which they so infuriatingly insist upon.

And I covered that in my personal blog. I swear, I'm stopping.

Trey's trying to be the voice of reason in all of this - we haven't felt up to getting to work on it all during the gnome's protracted absence, we can work around them, and so forth, and so on. I am past reason.

I am 'Zilla. Watch me burglar alarm prank.