Thursday, October 29, 2009

hmm. just hmm.

Trey and I ran a test print of our invitations yesterday, and even on "fast draft", were pleased with how they turned out. Love 'em, flat out. Just one problem (other than the fact that I failed to notice the little red spelling check dots under my name): Tomfoolery.

The event info includes the following: "Event starts at 6.00pm, ceremony at 8.00pm, cake to follow, and tomfoolery throughout." I thought it was witty, cute, even. Trey? Trey does not like the tomfoolery. And that surprises me, for reasons you can read all about here. (Just peruse the entries - he can play quite the fool, can Trey.) So, no tomfoolery for me.

So *what* then? Tomfoolery has become a serious bugaboo. I'm kind-of-sort-of-maybe thinking we should change that part to say something about the eighties, since the party/wedding is sporting an eighties theme. Then we could mention that guests might want to dress the part, if they so choose. I put the idea out there, and we went to sleep last night with it still floating around the living room ceiling.

It's still there this morning. If not tomfoolery.......what?

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