Friday, October 30, 2009

well, that was fun...

No more spell check dit dots. 'Zilla has left the building.

However, I did run through my calendar this morning, and realize that over the next two weeks, we have to:

- get Trey's ring size
- do an event floor plan
- get down to some fine tuning on decor elements, pink mini lights, for instance, or white?
- get the addresses for the guest list
- nail down sources for the specialty disposable cameras (black and white, lomo)
- nail down sources for decor supplies
- find the perfect non-floral bouquet
- order the cake topper
- and speaking of cake....who's doing that?

I think that's all.

And as all that's happening, we also have to make immense strides on getting everything into place in this house, because we have to...


(bride passes out)

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