Tuesday, October 27, 2009

life's funny, isn't it?

I've been laboring over what to write as our introductory entry for a while, and so far all that's really hit me is the title. But, especially in this instance, life's pretty funny.

Case in point:


That's us in 1990, when we first became acquainted. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of us together (that we know of), but neither of us would have considered the other back then. I was too dark, he was too pretty, and a whole host of other things were in the way. And while we ran into each other on a night out about five years ago, and he gave me his number (which I lost), we didn't actually wind up hanging out one-on-one until September.

I won't go into September. We were both dealing with big ol' swirlies of drama which we're both quite relieved to have behind us now. No need to rehash, and if you know us, you know all about it anyway. But somewhere in the middle of those aforementioned swirlies of dramas, it occurred to us that *this* works, so we decided to stay. On 11 October, we *really* decided to stay - he proposed and I (obviously) accepted, which brings us to:


And there you have the backstory, with one small exception...

Our rather small wedding will be the 6th of February 2010 at 8.00pm, hence "oh two oh six ten at eight".

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