Monday, December 21, 2009

eighteen days later...

Yes, eighteen days since my last post. And what's been done? Not a lot towards the wedding. Remember, Didge and I are digging out from under about five years of stuff accumulated during my almost constant moving *and* all the stuff that was displaced while the contractors were ransacking, I mean *improving*, the house. And then we rearranged pretty much all of the furniture...yeah. It's been, well, let's just say it's *been*. And then, it was time to get ready for the holidays. And now?

Well, they're here, and I we're as almost ready as I think we're going to be, save a few shopping stops and a whole lot of wrapping. How does this relate to our wedding? Baby, the very moment that last crumpled gift tag is sent to the bin it is *on*. Mom hopped in and developed a game plan that has us getting the difficult-to-transport stuff from a range of stores just five minutes from my house, and accessible with no serious traffic drama. I'm having a little trouble pinning down a supplier for meat for the nacho bar, but that's the only challenge.

So far.

I overhauled the how-to's for all the crafting I had planned, which simplified that process, and am starting to get my head around a floor plan. Straight up - I don't know where in blazes the nacho bar, cake, favors, candy array, anything is going to go yet. I know what I would *like* to do, but I don't know how to get to that place. Yes, I will be calling my mom. Call me a wimp. I've nixed some ideas in favor of keeping my sanity, but on the flip side of that, we added a small after party.

And a confession: Trey and I nearly eloped. You have no idea how close to getting married today we were.

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