Friday, November 20, 2009

back to it...

Yep. I can plan again, and I don't have to whisper. Now if I could remember what I was going to write about...

Oh! My bouquet has arrived! And, yes, I will be sharing pictures of it after coming back in from a tremendously busy day, taking care of scanning a bunch of photos for Trey, and tweaking some descriptions on photos on Facebook and Flickr (these aren't wedding related). I might even share a picture of the pile of sticks in the foyer that will be transformed into twinkly magical twig trees, but you'd likely think I was just being a smart aleck and popping up pictures of kindling.

It's on my calendar to begin the flurry of printing all....this.....stuff next month, from invitations to movie stills to banner letters. That also means I have to make a run for crafting supplies. What do you want to bet our holiday decor is going to wind up being a bit like our wedding decor? (Actually, I have a feeling our holiday decor is going to be a tad minimal what with wedding prep and house redux.)

(I really need to start posting some pictures of all this....)

(But first, I really need to tie up the end of what's been a really busy week.)

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