Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In two days, we'll be three months out from the hitching. This has had a dual effect on me - I'm beyond excited, but I'm also in a total panic: We have to *overhaul*. We have to *overhaul* and then *decorate* -- and then *decorate some more* just for the wedding. Translation: We have to *work out butts off* and get to said working off fairly soon.

Trey hasn't thought it would take that long. Since we've both been sick, we haven't been able to dive in, but he's been of the opinion that we didn't need to rush. I'm the one who's been scrawling projects into my calendar and going into panic mode over it.

However, something in the calendar flipping to November seems to have struck Trey, too. Just after dinner last night, he walked into the kitchen, and in the most casual tone asked, "So you want to start finishing up the house next week? We could clear all the stuff out and move the furniture....and then get to painting. We really do need to get started."

Nesting fueled by social necessity - one really must love it, no?

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