Thursday, November 5, 2009

have you ever...

Have you ever launched a project, gotten everything organized, tidied up your desk, perhaps even having gone so far as color-coding your to-do lists (ahem) - - and then managed to become so disorganized you wanted to scream? Trey and I are getting married three months from tomorrow, and I realized this morning that I've already reached that point - just three weeks into being engaged.

When all of this started, I was on it. I had a plan, things were scheduled. The PlannerPad and my iCal were totally in sync, my checklist from Offbeat Bride was up-to-date, and I'd purged my checklist at another, less-offbeat site so I could plug my Offbeat list into that space. And up until about an hour ago, I *thought* I'd been keeping up with all of these things.

Planning and keeping things organized are two totally different things! Duh! So I'm going back through all of this, checking things off, moving things around, plugging in new due dates on some things, and am rocking the Hello Kitty highlighters like crazy on things that a nas-tay cold and getting caught up in other aspects of the wedding chucked off into the land of whoops-I-forgot-that-one. (And some of the stuff I forgot is pretty astounding - - - like "book the officiant". Whoa, yeah.)

By lunch, I'll be back on top of this. I swear. Really.

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